Cruzin Cooler Golf Caddy

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It’s about time there was something out there to give golfing enthusiasts an option for running around the old golf course. Finally an affordable personal golf cart system by Cruzin Cooler. Take your favorite beverages and your own golf cart to your favorite golf course in the back seat of your car! Yes, the back seat of your car, it’s worth repeating.

What’s so cool? Light, fast, small and inexpensive for starters.

  • Priced around $999 for both the 1000 watt Cruzin Cooler & Cruzin Caddy.

  • Can run most 18 hole courses.

  • Fits in the back seat  or in the trunk of most cars.

  • Saves you fees at courses.

  • Holds 24 twelve ounce cans plus ice.

  • Quick change battery system

  • 1000 watts of pure power

  • Stores in about 3.5 sq/ft

  • Caddy can be used by itself.

  • Narrow profile for narrow cart paths.

  • Caddy fully collapsible.

  • Speeds up to 15mph.

  • All electric eco friendly

  • 100 of uses besides golf for the 1000 watt cooler.

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Holds up to 300 pounds

  • Total weight about 95lbs,(45lbs battery out)

Yes, people will stare. Yes, people will point. And yes, people will want to know where you got it because they are going to want one too! 

Have you wanted your own personal golf transportation but don’t want to spend thousands to buy a full size golf cart and a trailer to haul it. Do you want an option to renting? Do you hate to wait for a golf cart or can’t get one. Are you tired of paying for a cart every time you go to the golf course?